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Face Recognition System

The Biometric Face Recognition Technology uses the Human Face as key security feature for use in Law/Non-Law Enforcement applications.

Boom Barriers

  • Lifting Barrier
  • Hand Operated Barrier
  • Slewing Barrier
  • Heavy Duty Vertical Barrier
  • Gate Barrier
  • Traffic Control Barrier

Perimeter Security

First line security system to detect intruders entering protected premises

Drone Neutralizer

A multiple frequency-band, selective jamming defense system to prevent drone intrusion in an area of 3 km radius and drive them to secure capture areas using GNSS spoofing technique.

3D Baggage X-Ray Scanner

The 3D Baggage X-Ray Scanner creates virtual 3D images of the scanned baggage.
The system is compact and ideal for checkpoints at high-security premises like Airports, Government offices, Railways, MRTS, etc.

Thermal Screening with Access control

Long Term Temperature screening with Access control for buildings supported by Masked face recognition

Portable X-ray/RTVS

Portable X-ray solutions include quick scanning of suspected improvised explosive devices, inspection of lost baggage in airports, and scanning of vehicles at border control.

Body-Worn Camera

An advanced Police Body Camera with real-time video streaming enabled with 3G/4G and 256-bit encryption.

3 D Scanner - FARO

Faro Laser Scanners help forensic science experts to preserve, analyze and reconstruct virtual reality scenarios for security planning, crimes scenes, traffic accidents, and more.

Personnel Access Control

  • Three types of products:
  • RFID
  • Smart card
  • Biometrics (Iris, Palm, Thumb, Face Recognition)

Electric Fencing

A robust electric fencing system equipped with sensors and can be installed as standalone or on existing structures. It is tamper-resistant with minimal disturbance and can be customized according to client’s needs.

Under Vehicle Surveillance System-3D

An automated 3D viewing Under Vehicle Scanning System that projects a dual view of the vehicle.

Handheld thermal Screening

High Sensitivity, higher accuracy with comprehensive Alarm Function

Thermal Screening with DFMD

Long Term Temperature screening with walk-through metal detector door fixed with thermographic turret camera for entrances.

IR Fiberscope

Fiberscope is used to observe internal cavities and hard to reach areas with a light source.
Used in Anti-terrorist equipment, and industrial/technical devices.

Anti-Riot Gas Mask

A gas mask is used to protect from inhaling air-borne pollutants and toxic gases.

3 D Imaging Scanner - FARO

The smallest and lightest 3D imaging laser scanner in the market with an integrated spherical imaging and a thermography panorama sensor system.

Personnel Access Control with RFID

Hands-free, automatic, fast and multiple identifications via data capture

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/Drone

UAVs/Drones fly without human support and are remotely/directly piloted by an onboard computer.

Automatic Number Plate Reader

Automated rapid identity verification system to check license plate numbers from stationary/moving vehicles.
An effective mass surveillance to locate stolen vehicles and identify parking-ticket scofflaws

Thermal Screening for Crowds

Centralized management system with CCTV with temperature screening of multiple people at the same time

Non-Linear Junction Detector

The detector searches for hidden electronic devices installed in structures or objects.
The target can be located regardless of whether radiating, hard-wired, or even turned off.

Bomb Suit

A heavy suit of body armor to withstand high -pressure generated by a bomb.

Detection Products:

  • IR Fiberscope
  • Explosive Vapour Detector
  • Non-Linear Junction Detection
  • 3D Under Vehicle Scanners with ANPR
  • GPR based DSMD
  • Through Wall Radar
  • RTVS (Portable X-Ray)
  • Thermal Devices
  • Bomb Suit
  • Anti-riot Gas Mask
  • Smart City Solutions
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