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Bomb 120 m illuminating belongs to the family of illuminating ammunition used extensively to support night warfare and aerial survey. The bomb is fired from 120 mm. Mortar, smooth bore, Muzzle Loading Weapon. The bomb is provided with Time. Mechanical Fuze which function along the trajectory at the pre-set time enabling illuminate canister supported by parachute to eject an deploy in the air.


Mass of the Filled Bomb

13.05 kg ± 0.20 kg

Maximum dia

119.7 mm (max)

Length of Bomb

677 mm (max)

Filling mass

627 Kg (approx)


213 T & P MK-5 M-4

Shelf Life

10 years


Muzzle velocity

330 ± 4.30 m/s

Minimum Range

6000 m (max)

Height of burst

600 m. (Optimum)

Time of burning

40.0 sec. (min)

Area of illumination

600 m (radius)


10 Lakh Candela (min)


Packing consists of inner and outer packages. Inner packages are LP containers with steel end caps. Two such container bombs are packed in steel box B7A.

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