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Bomb 51 mm Illuminating belongs to the family of Illuminating ammunition extensively used to support night warfare. The bomb provides enough illumination to support infantry for combats, aerial photography and army movements. Bomb is fired from 51 mm mortar, smooth bore, muzzle loading weapon


Mass of the Filled Bomb

930*25 g

Maximum dia

50.7-0.1 mm

Length of Bomb


Filling mass

215 g (approx.)


Percussion D.A. No. 162 MK-8 (M-2)

Shelf Life

10 years


Muzzle velocity

115±2.5 m/s

Minimum Range

300 to 900 meters

Height of burst

600 m. (Optimum)

Time of burning

30 Sec. (min)

Area of illumination

600 m (radius)


2.5 Lakh Candela (min


Packing consists of inner and outer packages. The inner package is HDPE/LDPE container. 6 such containers are packed in a canvas bag with shoulder strap. 4 bags are then finally packed in a steel/wooden box. B8A.

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