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Bomb 51 mm smoke is an emission type screening smoke ammunition capable of producing effective screen over wide area. Used for facilitating tactical deployment of troops and screening from enemy fire. Bomb is fired from 51 mm mortar, smooth bore, muzzle loading weapon. Ammunition is provided with delay unit of 10 sec. to facilitate emission of the smoke just on landing on the ground.


Mass of the Filled Bomb

960 ± 25 g

Maximum dia

50.85 mm

Filling type (Standard)

Plasticized White Phosphorous

Length of Bomb with Fuze & Tail Unit

282 ±1mm

Filling Mass

450 g (approx.)


Percussion D.A. No. 162 MK-8 (M-2)

Colour of smoke


Shelf Life

10 years


Muzzle velocity

101.0 m/sec

Minimum Range

830 m (max)

Duration of screening smoke

120 Sec. min

Time required to build up smoke.

10 Seconds


Packing consists of inner and outer packages. Inner packages are HDPE/LDPE containers. 6 such containers are packed in canvas bag with shoulder strap. Canvas bags are then packed in wooden box.

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