Mortar Bomb 81mm Smoke

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Basically, a smoke type screening Ammunition, Achieves a dense smoke screen for facilitating tactical deployment of troops and screening from enemy observation and aimed fire.


Mass of the Filled Bomb

4.31kg to 4.51 Kg

Maximum dia

80.60± 0.1 mm

Filling type (Standard)

Plasticized White Phosphorous

Length of Bomb with Fuze & Tail Unit

379 mm approximately

Filling Mass

0.500±0.025 kg


Percussion D.A. No. 162 MK-8 (M-1)

Colour of smoke


Shelf Life

10 years


Muzzle velocity

300 m/sec

Minimum Range

5000 Meters

Duration of screening smoke

25 Seconds

Time required to build up smoke

5 Seconds


Two Bombs Packed in One Plastic Carrier 10C Further. Two Carriers TOC Packed in One Carrier 13A (Steel).

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