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It is an illuminating Mortar Ammunition. It is fired from Blmm mortar, smoothbore, muzzle loading weapon. On firing, the gas pressure from the Primary Cartridge and Augmenting Cartridges propel the Bomb. The explosive charge contained in magazine of the fuze ignites the Buster Bag which in turn ignites the star/Candle through hole provided in the metallic disc (Baffle Plate) placed below.


Mass of the Filled Bomb

3.85 kg

Maximum dia

86.6± 0.1 mm

Length of Bomb

552 mm

Filling mass

880 gm (approx)


162 MK-8 (MK-1)

Shelf Life

10 years


Muzzle velocity

295 m/s

Minimum Range

5000 m (max)

Height of burst

600 m. (Optimum)

Time of burning

40.0 sec. (min)

Area of illumination

600 m (radius)


9 Lakh Candela (min)


Packing consists of inner & outer packages, The inner package is HDPE/LDPE carrier 17 A which accommodates 2 bombs. 2 such packages are then put in a carrier 16 A.

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