WLVRN Bullpup Assault Rifle

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WLVRN Bullpup Assault Rifle

Model :

  • Standard
  • Compliant

Caliber :

  • 556NATO 223Rem
  • 762NATO 308Win
  • 65CM
  • 300BLK

Size :

  • 20″
  • 16″

Capacity :

  • 30 Round
  • 20 Round
  • 10 Round

Ruthless Reliability. Insane Shootability.

The WLVRN is third-generation semi-automatic bullpup rifle platform. Utilizing an all-new integrated receiver, The WLVRN is completely new on the inside and maintains the familiar manual of arms of the MDRX.

The WLVRN was developed as a semi-automatic bullpup rifle platform to reliably deliver Unrivaled Performance no matter the situation or mission, whether sportsmen or operator, with the versatility to adapt to unforeseen changes and obstacles.

Ultra-compact. Multi-caliber. Perfectly balanced. Soft Recoiling. One intuitively ergonomic platform.

The WLVRN inherits the barrel mounting and clamping mechanism of the SRS & HTI family of precision rifles. The barrel mounting system is machined integrally into the receiver. This all-new design significantly increases the stiffness of the WLVRN’s upper receiver and improves the accuracy of the WLVRN by up to 30%.

The WLVRN is the first bullpup that can be converted on-the-go between large and short-frame calibers such as .308 Win and 5.56 NATO

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